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About Us

Reliable Sewage Treatment Plant

Twin Rocks Sanitary District was incorporated in 1966 under ORS-450 as a municipal corporation for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a sanitary sewer system.  Prior to construction of the facilities, residents in our area utilized septic tanks and underground drain lines.  These systems didn't operate properly due to the type of soil and high water table.  The northern collection system was constructed in 1968.  In 1977 the coastal communities of Barview and Watseco were incorporated into the district and the southern system was constructed. 

In 1982 modifications were made to the physical plant that included laboratory revisions, administration and shop buildings.  Since that time small extensions have been made to service properties adjacent to the existing system.

Since 1989 substantial efforts have been made to assess and plan for needed improvements.  In 2005 we completed our new plant and ocean outfall system.   TRSD offers sewage services for residents and businesses.  We are known for out fast, friendly service.

Our District stretchs from South Rockaway Beach starting at Alder St on the north side of our District to the Watseco and Barview Jetty area at the south end of our District.

Twin Rocks Sanitary District is a Drug Free Work Place and an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider. Discrimination is prohibited by federal law.  Complaints of discrimination may be filed with the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington DC, 20250